Morse Group Institute of Technology provides an educational platform to build your career in Cybersecurity. 

67% of cybersecurity professionals report a cybersecurity workforce shortage at their organization, which translates to increased cyber risk. ~ ISC²

Morse Group Institute of Technology delivers the foundational education in cybersecurity to launch your career, and prepare you to enter the cybersecurity workforce. 

Linux Administration

Establishing the competencies required for an early career as a system administrator supporting Linux systems.

Networking Fundamentals

Developing the essential knowledge and skills in networking.

Cybersecurity Fundamentals I

Establishing a critical foundation in cybersecurity.  


Cybersecurity Fundamentals II

Expanding the core knowledge required for any cybersecurity role.

Cybersecurity Analysis

Security analytics, Intrusion detection
 and Incident Response.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing and vulnerability management.

Foundational Courses

ITS215: Linux Administration

ITS250: Networking Fundamentals

ITS260: Cybersecurity Fundamentals I

ITS315: Cybersecurity Fundamentals II

ITS325: Cybersecurity Analysis

ITS355: Penetration Testing

Open Enrollment

Classes begin Spring 2023. 

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