MGIT was founded in late 2021 with a mission to address three concerns. 


 1. The global workforce shortage in cybersecurity. 
 2. A more direct and simple path to enter the cybersecurity workforce. 
 3. To provide an in-demand skillset to high-school students that will enable them to enter the workforce directly after graduation. 

The answer to the first concern is that we need more people interested and trained to enter the workforce. Recruiting already trained individuals hasn't worked as there is only a finite amount of professionals in the workforce, causing recruiters to take from one company in order to staff their positions. 

The solution is to train a new generation of professionals to defend against cyber attacks. These professionals will come from working adults and aspiring youth. MGIT was created to build a bridge of opportunity for people of any age and background in order to prepare them to enter the cybersecurity workforce. 

Dr. Merrill Perkins is leading this effort as founder and CEO of MGIT. understanding firsthand what is required to enter into this seemingly intimidating field without having any prior experience. Contact us for more information on how you can join us on our journey.