Services Offered

Cybersecurity Training

MGIT offers foundational training to provide the required knowledge and skillset to enter into the cybersecurity workforce.

We provide on-demand and instructor-led training. 

Our training methodology is delivered for individuals with little to no background in IT or cybersecurity. We start out our students with foundational teaching to build upon.  

Morse Group Academy

Morse Group Academy is an online educational platform designed for grades 11-12. This school provides an education in cybersecurity that will equip the workforce of tomorrow and provide in-demand skills to prepare them to fill critically undermanned jobs.

Students graduate from MGA with in-demand certifications and technical interviewing skills, prepared to enter directly into the cybersecurity workforce. 

Instructional Partnership

MGIT partners with training companies and universities to provide cybersecurity instruction.

MGA partners with private educational institutions to provide on-demand and instructor-led cybersecurity curricula to grade levels 11-12.